Gagarin Project is the sustainable development of a self-sufficient community with innovative techniques, which will contribute to the well-being, creativity, and happiness of its people.

With an appreciation for the educational role of literature and the importance of reading, the DAR Foundation went into publishing and in 2007, released its first book. The publishing house’s books became widespread and took their place in school libraries, bookstores and on the bookshelves of numerous readers.

The preservation of national values is based on ensuring and stimulating the continuity of cultural traditions. The DAR Foundation for Regional Development and Competitiveness constantly supports and encourages cultural initiatives, paying special attention to the preservation, reappraisal and dissemination of national culture.

The mission of preserving national values begins at school, and therefore one of the priorities of the DAR Foundation is to support educational and scientific programs that contribute to the knowledge of the homeland, and the development and improvement of community identity. Along with this, in the course of its activities, the foundation provided financial support to many people to cover the costs of their education and professional development.

The DAR Foundation emphasizes the need to improve the quality of life of citizens and meet their social and humanitarian needs. To this end, numerous donations and financial support initiatives have been made by the foundation, with a particular focus on cultural figures facing the challenge of overcoming health problems.

The DAR Foundation attaches great importance to and encourages the activities of organizations and groups that implement targeted development programs in individual communities or sectors. Development programs open up sustainable prospects for communities that, after such programs, can pave their own path to new heights, thanks to the skills and resources acquired.

DAR The Foundation for Regional Development and Competitiveness

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