The DAR Foundation of Regional Development and Competitiveness was established by the Aghajanyan family on March 13, 2006.

The Foundation operates in accordance with the Armenian Constitution and the country’s laws, as well as in accordance with the Charter of the Foundation.

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In my view, our national potential creates a powerful field of spiritual energy and turns into a gold mine for the good of the country and the planet. And I am convinced that the creative power of the Armenian man, his spiritual world, creative fire, as the life-giving energy and the center of the Universe, creating worlds, illuminated by the highest wisdom, can become the border of paradise.

Svetlana Hakobyan

Board of Trustees

Svetalana Hakobyan

Honorary President of the Foundation, Member of the Board of Trustees

Arsen Aghajanyan

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Karen Aghajanyan

Member of the Board of Trustees

Hrachya Aghajanyan

Member of the Board of Trustees


Member of the Board of Trustees


Margarita Gevorgyan

General Director

Vladimir Babayan

Legal Advisor

Alvard Avetisyan

Educational programs coordinator

Hayk Bianjyan

Cultural programs coordinator

Seda Grigoryan

Communication Coordinator

Arevik Abrahamyan

Tourism program coordinator

Angelika Tamaryan

Project assistant

Anahit Nahapetyan

Administrative Assistant

Margarita Gevorgyan

Ani Aghadzhanyan

Alvard Avetisyan

Hayk Bianjyan

Ani Aghajanian

Angelica Tamaryan

Anahit Nahapetyan

There are many good deeds in the repertoire of the DAR family foundation, even more plans and projects that combine the past, bring forth the present and link with the future. After all, the outlines of our tomorrow are the lines that we draw today.
The ability to do good is like a talent. And everyone entering the world, if you believe, has some talent. But, talent is fragile, the gift is easy to lose in the ocean of dubious values and false ideas. This is often the case. But there are islands in the ocean, and there are lighthouse people, whose soul light extends far above the restless water. And you walk into the light, step on the island. Somewhere for a short while, just to take a breath or find food and warmth, then to continue on his way. Someone might stay here – cultivate the land, build, decorate the world, multiplying the light over the ocean. Let the islands form new continents. Let the lighthouses never go out. Let new lighthouses light up and bloom the world with a blessed light.

Margarita Gevorgyan