The mission of preserving national values begins at school, and therefore one of the priorities of the DAR Foundation is to support educational and scientific programs that contribute to the knowledge of the homeland, and the development and improvement of community identity. Along with this, in the course of its activities, the foundation provided financial support to many people to cover the costs of their education and professional development.

Քարին Տակ

Artsakh, Karin Tak

support for an international interdisciplinary cave excavation project

The international multidisciplinary project of the Institute of Molecular Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia on the excavation of the Karin Tak cave in the Artsakh Republic pursued the goal of uncovering the genetic history of Armenians, starting from the Stone Age, as well as learning about the relationship between ancient peoples and the environment.

Genetic Atlas of Historical Armenia

atlas creation program

The Evolutionary Genomics Laboratory of the Institute of Molecular Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia has undertaken an ambitious project to create a genetic atlas of Armenia, with the aim of reproducing the rich mosaic of the Armenian gene pool.

Անիվ հիմնադրամ


Foundation for the Development and Support of Armenian Studies

In October 2018, financial assistance was provided to the Aniv foundation for the implementation of educational and cultural programs in Armenia.

youth program

From October 29 to November 3, 2018, the Leaders School for the CIS Youth
was held in Armenia, at the initiative of the Russian-Armenian Youth Unity organization and the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs of the Russian Federation, with assistance from the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Armenia. The DAR Foundation also contributed to the implementation of the program, helping to identify leaders among the youth of the two countries and strengthen ties between them.

Բջնիի միջնակարագ դպրոց - DAR foundation

Bjni Secondary School


To improve a secondary school named after Hovhannes Tumanyan in the village of Bjni in the Kotayk region, in August 2018, the school received a financial donation.

ARATTA Foundation


In March 2018, the DAR Foundation provided financial support to the ARATTA Scientific and Educational Cultural Foundation, helping to promote the organization’s activities.

"The Book under the Pillow"

In March 2016, in Russia, the Culture of Childhood Foundation organized the Children’s Book Festival, to which the DAR Foundation also contributed in the form of financial support.

multi-year program

In 2007, through the efforts of the DAR Foundation, the school of Tsaghkunk was renovated. A comfortable and modern environment necessary for the educational process was created for students and teachers.