Dar Publishing House

With an appreciation for the educational role of literature and the importance of reading, the DAR Foundation went into publishing and in 2007, released its first book. The publishing house’s books became widespread and took their place in school libraries, bookstores and on the bookshelves of numerous readers.

Mission of Armenian mothers


In 2019, poet, artist and publicist Svetlana Hakobyan compiled her vision of Armenian mothers in the form of the Mission of Armenian Mothers magazine. Taking into account the philosophy of the magazine, the idea focused on the importance of the role of women and mothers in modern Armenian society. The DAR foundation financed the publication of the magazine.

Narine Abgaryan

In 2017, on the initiative and with the support of the DAR foundation, the Armenian translation of the book Manyunya by Narine Abgaryan was published.

Fairy Tales

Hovhannes Tumanyan

In order to promote the preservation and dissemination of literary wealth, in 2016, the DAR Foundation acquired the fairy tales The Master and the Servant, The Carnival and Liar, published by R. Gidazyan in the form of a book and video materials for further distribution or for donation in the future.

Anna Petrosyan

In 2015, with the support of the President of the DAR Regional Development and Competitiveness Foundation, Svetlana Hakobyan and Anna Petrosyan’s seven-volume edition “Armenia of All Time” was published.

Margarita Gevorgyan

The book was published by the DAR Publishing House in 2013. Collages of the author of the book were used in the design.

All Ter-Hakobyan

In 2007, with the financial support of the DAR Foundation, a book of poems about Armenia and translations from the “Rhythms and Rhymes of Armenia” by Alla Ter-Hakobyan was published.